How To Record Your Computer Screen {7 Ways}

Whether you’re a geeky gamer establishing up your own YouTube Channel or an ideator attempting to create the video of your upcoming project, then you must’ve moments where you could think, “I wish I could record this!” While many of today’s PC and Laptops come equipped with microphones and HD webcams, the Operating System doesn’t actually offer the feature to record the screen at a moment’s notice, so you need to look on the web for any tools like that. Therefore coming to the point, let’s go over on how to record the computer screen on your for your own purposes. Now, you can achieve this by using the preinstalled software on your system or new tools that you can get.

Moreover, if looking to capture everything, then we’ve also mentioned some professional production tools that can help you to do all that.

Now, if you would prefer not to download any additional software, there’s an excellent chance that some of the tools you have laying around can be indeed used to record your screen, even if they’re not meant to serve this purpose. So, here are several tools that you probably have access to right now, and how they can record your computer screen for you.

1. Microsoft PowerPoint

Wait! What? Didn’t know that you can record your computer screen with PowerPoint, the presentation tool included with Microsoft Office 365? Well, It’s true!

The latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint have included this capability. You can start by heading over to the Insert tab, and select the Screen Recording option, with an icon of a recorder and a screen. You can also select the particular area of the computer screen you wish to record, and start recording whenever you want. Also, when you’re done, you can save the video footage as a separate file which you can later access for editing and control options. It’s perfect for quick and dirty recording because it saves you a lot more time than any other standard recording tool.


2. YouTube: Live Streaming Feature

Say, all the computer screen that you’re recording is for your Youtube Channel and don’t actually want to spend a ton of time in the editing, then YouTube itself can help you. Just sign into your YouTube account as you would normally do, go to Upload, click on Get Started under the Live Streaming option. Choose the events option, and fill out the required information to Go Live Now.

After this, A Google Hangouts page will open, and do keep in mind that you are now recording audio and video from your PC where you’re accessing this feature. Now, select the Screen Share option and start Broadcasting. Voila! You’re now recording your Computer Screen. You can save the event when you’re done with the event.


3. QuickTime Player

Now, this feature is exclusively limited to the Mac OS users only. Just open the QuickTime Player and select File and choose New Screen Recording.

This opens up a small recording window that you can start whenever you want. The window will automatically encourage you to select either a part of the screen, and you can select the full screen for recording as well. Click Start Recording whenever you’re ready.  QuickTime recordings aren’t easy to edit in the post-production, so if you don’t have a good grip on Final Cut or other editing tools, then be careful.

Recording the Computer Screen using free Tools Online


4. ShowMore

So, if you want an enhanced recording experience specifically designed and developed for professional screen recording purposes, then ShowMore is your daily driver. The software allows you to instantly record your screen, and other features like uploading, and sharing. You can also choose from different video formats, adjust the audio quality and input options, then change the recording frame in real time. It’s pretty user-friendly, especially for amateurs who have various accessories to try out, and there are plenty of options for adding text lines and shapes as you advance.

You can either select specific parts of the video recording to save it as a separate video or as a whole. ShowMore also sports its own video sharing platform (more like a community), but you aren’t required to use it. It works on the freemium business model, and you can download it directly from the official website.


5. Bandicam

Bandicam is also a PC app that records your entire screen and saves the output recording in standard AVI or MP4 video format. You can also get the images in JPG formats (more like screenshots).

Bandicam’s true value lies in its simplicity and speed as well.  You can quickly turn on and off the recording process. But the software is not limited to recording only. It hosts some extra tools like the ability to use real-time drawing, mix in your voice afterward, and add a watermark logo the output recording footage. Now, the free version comes with plenty of features, but you will have to pay $40 if you want to upgrade to the extensive features of the program.


6. Fraps

Fraps is a Windows-based app that’s mainly used for checking frames per second (FPS) while gaming, but also sports of screens capturing tools designed for the more professional overlook at higher resolutions.

The free version isn’t the entire tool you’re looking for but is enough to get the job done. Fraps Pro version is available for a $37 upgrade. Fraps also track frames per second continuously so you can benchmark your system, making this feature ideal for gaming rigs and graphics, and is an excellent tool for Gamer YouTubers.


7. Snagit ($50)

One more useful tool is Snagit. It is specifically designed for start-ups than gamers, with dozens of screen recording features made for displaying off products and creating you’re personal as well as corporate marketing videos, how-tos, vlogs, and even tutorial video.

So, If you are planning to start exploring the extensive features, then Snagit is an excellent choice for simpler needs.


Do share your thoughts and let me know if you’ve successfully recorded your computer screen using the tools mentioned above. You can also ask for any query or issue you’re facing during the usage of this tool. Just comment down below and I’ll revert. Cheers!