Top 10 Canva Alternatives for Android and iOS

Do you gnaw at the bit to use the designing software? Unless the design is your job or hobby, our guess would be: not quite often. For people like us who aren’t really graphically inclined, usually avoid the complications of Photoshop and even simpler programs like Canva.

So, whenever you need to make beautiful posters, website graphics, invitations, cards, or even some good multiple-page presentations, what would you do?

Canva Alternatives for Android and iOS

Now, Canva being the best and easiest tool still lacks the multi-platform support, we need to squander across other tools. Moreover, Canva is still in invitation-only beta mode, so we’ve taken the liberty to find the top 10 Canva alternatives for Android, iOS, and Windows.

1. FotoJet

It is an online application where you can create impressive photo collage, posters, photo cards and the most required social media images. You can play with 500+ built-in templates for making beautiful posters, photo cards, etc. Here it comes in two distinct modes “Classic” and “Creative.” You can use creative mode with in-built template features while in classic you can design using different features in it like custom layouts, uploading photos and also changing ratios, etc.

It offers you many of social media images templates to make astonishing posters, collage, etc. Here you can insert clipart into your design and by changing its font, colour size, etc. make your text visually appealing. You can even add your custom text.


2. Gravit

Here you can create social media images, greeting cards, business cards, illustration, logo design, infographics and much more. It contains some different features like making website design, smartphone screens, Kindle covers, etc.

Just choose your project and select any template to proceed with your design by changing backgrounds, adding images, shapes, 100+ unique icons, custom texts. It comes with tools like image transformer, photo resizer, etc. Here you can make project either public or private and invite others to collaborate on the design.


3. Fotor

In this, you can make a collage of photos and edit them with the help of graphic design, HDR effects and enhance its beauty. You can crop, resize, rotate and also straighten the pictures, they have 1-tap enhance (HDR) and much more tools with lots of filters. You can add stickers, color splash. It lets you make social media covers for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc.


4. Social Media Image Maker

It works for social media like gravatar, Xing, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Vimeo, Facebook, skype, etc. for creating beautiful cover and profile pictures. You have to select a template and an image for editing, then apply astonishing 15 filters to share or download in JPEG/PNG file. You can also change sharpness, saturation, focus in pics and can blur them.


5. BeFunky

It works for blogs and social media both with its astonishing templates, design elements, colors, and fonts. The templates are categorized by themes like food, travel, holidays. It has only 125 photo effects in its free version. For additional graphics, the high resolution you need to subscribe with 4.95$ for pro version.


6. Desygner

The best feature is it can stand with various file format support like pdf, PPT files, PSD, etc. You can upload your pic from social media and edit it with its beautiful options then share this via email or on social media and even get an embed code for your website. Its paid version has a premium of 2.99$ per month, and it’s free one has limited tools.
Desygner offers thousands of different templates that you can use for your own purposes by making few changes here and there. Moreover, you can also important exclusive Photoshop projects onto the website to edit them on the go.


7. GetStencil

It has premium for three types of users the hobbyist, the image maker and the for the power user with different pricing plans. The free plan is for the hobbyist with limited use. It has 860,000 background images, 80+ templates, quotes to use and 1,850+ google fonts. It is far advanced than Canva, and you can use it for marketing, advertising, and social media platforms.


8. Pablo

It is developed by the buffer team and has chrome extension but can be used in any browser. Pablo has lots of photo filters, and auto resizes option for different social media platforms. But it doesn’t have templates for header images. The app is free to use. It focuses on quick, no-frills solution for posting photos on social media. It supports Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


9. Polarr

It is an online tool and can be considered as a Photoshop alternative. It has tutorials and guides to introduce its features in plain English. Also, it has far better filters than that of Instagram which is editable and can be created custom ones. Polarr has limited tools for free version but with a premium of Pro $9.99. You can have 12 new filter packs, lets you batch-export images provides additional editing tools. Using this app, you can import services from Dropbox, Imgur, Flickr, Instagram, Evernote and Google Drive.

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10. Snappa

It has a library of visual assets, professional quality templates, resizing tool, graphics editor, etc. Snappa is designed for marketers and entrepreneurs which useful for ads, display ads, social media creating graphics without using graphic designers, landing page graphics, and blogs. Apart from these, it has got a great collection of templates, and you can create unlimited possibilities of creative works.

So, this was all about the best and top 10 Canva Alternatives or the Photo Editing tools that you can find online. Most of the tools similar or even more remarkable features than Canva itself. Do share your thoughts and let me know if you’re loving these free editing tools in the comment section below. Cheers!